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Using TransitCheck - Mobile App

The Future of Productivity: Tablets and TransitCheck

The TransitCheck Application runs on an Android mobile device. Customers can supply their tablets or source qualified tablets through us. A single tablet can inspect your whole fleet, there is no need to be paired to a single vehicle or driver.

The system automatically synchronizes data between the App and the TransitCheck portal in the cloud any time there is an internet connection (Wi-Fi or Cellular). Results of inspections are automatically passed to the Portal in real-time to keep the entire team to informed. 

Supported Android Devices

Easy to Use For All

The TransitCheck App has an elegant user interface that minimizes or eliminates driver training. The inspection items are presented in a manner that merely needs the inspector to look at the screen, identify the item to be inspected, and document the observation. The observation could be a choice from a list, an entry of a number, a picture, a video, or a comment. The inspection can require a specific action depending on the result selected, such as taking a picture of body damage, inputting tire pressure(s), or typing a comment.

Logging Data As You Log Miles

The system automatically handles the synchronizing of data between the mobile application (tablet) and the Web portal. The results of inspections are automatically passed to the Web Portal in real-time.  If an internet connection is not available to the tablet, inspections can continue, and the results will be forwarded whenever the connection is available automatically.  If a scan tool is installed such as the TransitLinq, vehicle health data can be collected and monitored while the vehicle is in operation.  GPS data can be collected from the vehicle to help with vehicle location identification.

Using TransitCheck - Web Portal

TransitCheck Makes Fleet Management Easier

 The TransitCheck Portal is where all inspection results and tools for managing inspections are stored.    Its unlimited storage capacity maintains your data for as long as you need it.  Standard reports on vehicles, staff, maintenance, etc. are readily available. With our powerful report generator, you can easily gather and format specifically what you need to see or export data into other tools such as Excel. But, perhaps the most important feature is the Dashboard.

  • The real-time dashboard provides instant visibility into fleet status, including In Service, Out of Service, and Pending Maintenance
  • The report generator allows for easy data gathering and formatting with export options to Excel and other tools.
  • Stores inspection results and provides management tools with unlimited storage capacity for easy data access.

Whenever an authorized user accesses the portal the first presentation is the real-time status of the vehicle fleet. Additionally, we provide customers and/or their existing system providers with standard Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) for automated interconnection to their raw data in the TransitCheck system.

Where Is My Vehicle?

TransitCheck uses the tablet’s GPS to locate the device and where it has been. If the tablet is on the vehicle, TransitCheck can determine the location of the vehicle. This location service is also useful to know where a vehicle is parked.  By utilizing GPS data, TransitCheck ensures that users know where their fleet is at all times.

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