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Accident Report

Simplify accident reporting with TransitForms: Convert paper-based accident reports into electronic forms, capturing essential details and enhancing efficiency

Mirror Strike

Streamline mirror strike reporting with TransitForms: Digitize the process, ensuring prompt notifications, capturing key information, and simplifying data input for drivers.

Speed Check Log

Optimize speed check reporting with TransitForms: Transition from manual tracking to electronic forms, enabling accurate data capture and effortless submission by drivers

Time Off Request

Simplify time off requests with TransitForms: by digitizing paper-based forms drivers can easily submit requests while ensuring prompt notifications to the relevant staff

Employee Health Screen

Promote employee health and safety with TransitForms: Convert traditional health report forms into digital format, facilitating efficient data collection and enhancing workplace well-being

TransitForms: Paperless Progress In The Modern Office

Digital Form Management

TransitForms, an optional addition to TransitCheck, empowers operators to automate their paper-based processes. With TransitForms, drivers can seamlessly transition from completing forms on paper to an organized and supported electronic process on their tablets. This revolutionary solution encompasses a wide range of forms, from critical accident reports to simple time off requests. By embracing TransitForms, operators can transform their workflows and maximize efficiency.

Automated Notifications

TransitForms offers a comprehensive form management system, ensuring efficient handling and streamlined communication. When drivers complete a form, TransitForms can automatically trigger notifications that are sent via email or text message to the relevant staff members. This instant notification mechanism enables timely follow-up and ensures that forms are promptly addressed. Moreover, TransitForms captures essential metadata, including the date, time, and location of form completion, while also allowing for the inclusion of mandatory fields.


Companies Report Increased Productivity By Switching From Paper To Digital Forms (Deloitte)

Enhanced User Experience

TransitForms enhances the user experience by providing versatile input options and expanding the capabilities of traditional paper forms. Unlike their paper counterparts, electronic forms can be quickly updated by users and instantly pushed out to devices. This ensures that everyone has access to the most up-to-date versions. Furthermore, TransitForms enables unlimited expandability, accommodating varying numbers of “involved parties” effortlessly. The system supports data input through pictures and videos, and convenient features such as text-to-speech make data input faster and more convenient for drivers, eliminating the need for time-consuming typing.

Efficiency and Connectivity

Transitioning to TransitForms offers a significant step towards achieving a paperless office environment. By replacing traditional paper forms with the streamlined electronic process provided by TransitForms, organizations can drastically reduce their reliance on paper documents. This shift not only eliminates the need for printing, storing, and managing physical forms but also minimizes the associated costs and environmental impact. With TransitForms, all essential form-based tasks can be completed digitally, promoting efficiency, accessibility, and sustainability within the workplace.

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We can demonstrate TransitCheck with TransitForm live in a Webinar environment. Following the demonstration and answering all of your questions, we support customers who want to try before committing to TransitCheck.

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